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Dancing with Parkinson's offers multiple classes for Parkinson's Disease dancers in Toronto and the greater Toronto area. The classes are designed to work with every level and ability of Parkinson's Disease dancer.

Each class begins in a seated position to warm up the body. On the chairs we learn different pieces of choreography all designed to initiate movement and strengthen the muscles. For those who are able the choreography may appear as a standing dance piece later in the class.


Caregivers are welcome to attend the class if a dancer requires more personalized assistance but are not required. DWP has well-trained volunteers to help those who need a little extra support. No previous dance experience is required.

What to Bring:

  • Wear any flat-sole shoe

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing 

  • Water

  • A laugh and a smile!

DWP classes provide a fun, safe artistic environment where our dancers can explore the potential of their own movement through choreography and improvisation at any age or stage of Parkinson's.


The elements we work on in classes through choreography incorporate:


  • Increasing range of motion

  • Core strength

  • Balance

  • Posture and gracefulness

  • Fluidity

  • Rhythm and Coordination

  • Expression

Each Parkinson's Disease dancer works at his/her own potential for that day and exercises will be modified to suit each individual's level of comfort and ability.


    We also offer free daily online zoom classes!

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